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Civil War Savannah

The Series

Savannah: Immortal City, and Savannah: Brokers, Bankers and Bay Lane, the first two volumes of an epic, four-part series Civil War Savannah, set the stage for what promises to become the most intensely researched, seminal works ever committed to America’s most emblematic, yet ironically, enigmatic cities of the South. Inspired research anchored by historic photography takes the reader to the very bottom of the truth about this extraordinary city, its people and its survival when all else was reduced to ruin. Readers will undertake a remarkable pilgrimage behind the “moss curtain” of cultural grandeur, legendary mystique, and historical prominence assigned to Savannah. 


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“An impressive, quality job, both in production and history. You've certainly done Savannah proud! Congratulations and I hope its success matches its high quality.”

Noah Andre Trudeau

American Civil War historian, winner of the Civil War Round Table of New York's Fletcher Pratt Award, former executive producer at National Public Radio


“Savannah: Immortal City meets and exceeds all tests with excellent scholarship, engaging prose and transcendent photography. In this easy-to-digest format, readers will get an accurate, precise and spot-on depiction of antebellum and Civil War Savannah. This is a work worthy of high regard.”

                Daniel Carey

President and CEO Historic Savannah Foundation


“This is a wonderfully written and photographed book. While writing The Wanderer, I searched for many of these historic sites, and seeing them now, so beautifully photographed, is very moving. Savannah: Brokers, Bankers, and Bay Lane reveals the stage upon which the tragedy of slavery was played in Savannah. A brilliant and moving work.”

                                                                                                             Erik Calonius

Author and former correspondent for the Wall Street Journal


“Here is an innovative look at Savannah's unique early 19th century history, going neighborhood by neighborhood, analyzing the dynamics of each corner of the city. For once the participation of Savannah's large African American population is included, emphasizing the twisted nature of slavery. The power of this new perspective comes from the use of period artifacts, and in Savannah's case that includes much of the historic district of today - its buildings, institutions and infrastructure.”

Hugh Stiles Golson

Historian and educator, former curator of the Georgia Historical Society, recipient of the Governor’s Award in the Humanities.

Savannah: Immortal City

Volume I of the four-part series, Civil War Savannah, takes you on a journey through time told by those who lived, breathed and fought America's bloodiest war. Out of this crucible, a new America was forged. Through the remarkable survival of thousands of documents, photographs, mementos, personal diaries and antebellum structures, Savannah's unique Civil War story comes alive. Sheehy's compelling narrative combined with Wallace's stunning photography, takes the reader on a wonderful ride through history. Now, in this richly-researched work, homes, byways and buildings - forgotten by time - burst back to life, reanimated by the people and stories captured in Savannah, Immortal City.

Savannah: Brokers, Bankers, Bay Lane - Inside the Slave Trade

The second book in the four-part Civil War Savannah series, Brokers, Bankers, and Bay Lane, journeys even deeper into Savannah's slave trading past to examine the business of slavery in the late antebellum period. With the simple premise that slavery could not have operated for so long without a viable business model, the Sheehy and co-author Goode-Walker examine the social, economic, and political factors that made the institution so remarkably resilient. They demonstrate how the institution of slavery in no way operated in a vacuum, but rather thrived on the support of local government, banks, church and community organizations, and established social networks. With Wallace’s stunning black and white photographs of physical structures and artifacts tied to the slave trade, this rich and compelling volume will give readers valuable insight into the unique and powerful role that Savannah played in the expansion of slavery in Georgia.

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